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Auckland's ThingWorx Hackathon 2019


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Join forces with the innovation leaders to create digital solutions to real-world industry problems.

The University of Auckland is training the IoT experts for the fastest growing IT and Engineering sectors. To accelerate the process we're bringing together the leading technologies and brightest minds to tackle some of industry's biggest and toughest challenges.

We're inviting UoA's student hack teams to use PTC's ThingWorx to take on on real world problems presented by our industry partners. ThingWorx is the best-in-class Industrial Innovation platform for developing industrial IoT applications and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Students: solve industry problems using the hackathon to prove your concept or demonstrate a pathway to a solution, and you'll find yourself well on the way to becoming an IoT superstar.

Watch the video below to learn the benefits of submitting a problem to be solved at the Auckland Hackathon 2019.

And hear from Bill Thompson, Senior Systems Engineer at Nova Systems in the video below discussing Nova's involvement in the RMIT Hackathon 2018.

Watch the video below to hear from students, academics and industry involved in the 2018 ThingWorx Hackathon run by RMIT.

Previous Problems Hacked

“We would like for an H.V.A.C. unit to be enabled with temperature, pressure and current sensors. When a technician arrives in one of these enabled units, then need to be able to scan a QR code or similar unique identifier on the unit. This will then bring up an AR or similar style overlay on the technicians smart device showing the unit and the data the IoT devices are currently sensing.”

“We would like to monitor the pressure and flow of the gas as it is being consumed by our laser cut machines. The machines consume a different amount of nitrogen depending on what is running at a time. There is an opportunity to predict if the machine will consume more gas that is being generated by the nitrogen generator.”

“Vacuum Sewer System”
• Obtaining data from various parts of the network that present challenges to traditional communications methods.
• Obtaining data at regular intervals such that a good understanding of the real-time performance of the system can be obtained and analysed.
• In field visualisation to enable field technicians to easily identify where the problem is and system status – Possible AR application.
• Displaying data in such a way that it makes it easy for office staff to understand real-time performance of the system.
• Integration into current systems (Clear SCADA or ODS) or some other user interface.
• Alarming capabilities: When an alarm is triggered (e.g. high pit level), the alarm state needs to be latching but not drain IoT device battery by continually sending alarm status.
• Analytics/ machine learning to predict early warnings of possible network problems/ high flows/ loss of vacuum /potential spills /waterlogging and to optimise system performance.

“Cable routing in complex tower infrastructure using AR guidance.”

“Metal Manufacturing Plant. To support our Lean Manufacturing initiatives, we need to capturing and analyse with real-time feedback – OEE, quality performance, operational metrics for throughput, asset utilisation, labour utilisation, quality and supply/demand matching”

A hackathon with bite!

Designed to deliver results for competitors and industry

50 Competitors
10 Teams
50,000 Connected Things

Problem meets problem solver

How this Hackathon works.

Industry Project Sponsors

Business of all types and sizes are encouraged to participate in the event as Industry Project Sponsors (providers) of Proof of Concept (PoC) projects.

The project sponsoring business simply provides;

  • A description of the problem/s that they would like resolved with IoT/AR (No more than 2 problems)
  • The pain-points of these problems
  • What they would expect from the solution
  • The benefits and value that can be derived
  • A project sponsor registration fee of $1,800
  • 3 x 2hr sessions with the mentors and the competing team that has taken on resolving their problem

What does the Industry Project Sponsor receive?
  • A completed IoT/AR proof of concept
  • The opportunity to scale/transition the PoC into their business
  • The opportunity to continue working with the UoA student team that produced the PoC
  • Discounts on the software, hardware and services provided by the Event Sponsor
  • Media coverage
  • Possible qualification to receive government grant funding

UoA Students

Students currently enrolled at UoA that have an interest in IoT, AR, IT, Electronics, Engineering, Information Systems, Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are invited to participate in this hackathon.

Competitor Participation Criteria

  • Participants should be teams consisting of 1-6 people, at least 1 team member must be able to publicly present the team's solution when required.
  • Participants will engage with Industry Project Sponsors to solve the problem/s they nominate.
  • Participants must clearly articulate the problem they will be solving with IoT/AR at the start of the event.
  • Participants must connect to real things – devices, databases, other platforms.

  • Participants must use ThingWorx for connectivity, user administration, and creating at least 5 mashup/dashboards.
  • Judging will favour participants that include elements of analytics and or AR.
  • Entrants will be allowed to use ThingWorx to connect to IT/MIS/Social platforms.
  • Entrants must show that the results of their hack delivers value – monetary and or social/humanitarian good. Alternatively, the hack may be an early stage development that demonstrates a pathway to creating value in the future. i.e, an enabling or stepping-stone solution.
  • It is a friendly competition and as such participants must enter it in the spirit of good will, fairness and honesty.
  • Participation for UoA students is free.

Businesses register here


It's a novel, innovative method that increases productivity and efficiency by leveraging the knowledge, skills and short-cuts developed and refined through experience.

An event where people come together to solve problems.

It's a rapid application development software platform used to build IoT and similar solutions.

The University of Auckland (UoA) is New Zealand's flagship, research-led university, known for the excellence of its teaching, its research and its service to local, national and international communities.

Yes. With the correct training and practice building IoT solutions is easy. Take a look at what this student has done.

The hackathon is only accepting problem nominations from businesses that operate in New Zealand.

To nominate a problem, simply register your interest on this website and one of the organisers will be in touch.

If you want to discuss it first, call Florian Spoerl on 09 9777 444 or email florian.spoerl@leapaust.com.au

After you’ve registered you'll need to prepare a brief that defines your problem and outlines what you expect as a successful outcome.

The organizing commitee will review your nomination and determine if any of the participating student teams have capabilities that will deliver the required solution. You will then meet the aligned team.

Once you're satisfied you have the right team and satisfied with their proposed plan to deliver a solution, the problem will be offically sponsored by your business.

Sponsorship of the problem involves paying a sponsorship fee of $1,800 in return for the solution delivered by the team at the conclusion of the event.

The next step is to provide your problem brief and should include the following;

  • A detailed description of the problem.
  • Criteria that would need to be met to assist the judging panel in determining if the students have successfully solved the problem.
  • A description of any specific hardware and or software that’s particular to the problem.
  • The extent to which you would like to see analytics included in the solution. (e.g. - Anomaly detection, machine learning, predictive maintenance)
  • The extent to which you would like to see Augmented Reality (AR) included in the solution. (e.g. - Operator instructions, service instruction)

Note; the student teams are multi-disciplinary and as such the business case and value proposition parameters can be included as success criteria.

Please can email your problem brief to: registration@thingworxhacks.com

Submitting early is appreciated to better structure team composition. i.e. more time to get the requirements correctly matched.

When it comes to the type of problem that could be solved using IoT & AR, then really the sky is the limit. From similar previous events, we know that about 80% of problems presented can addressed by a hackathon. Since this is no ordinary hackathon, we plan on helping everyone that submits a problem. For those really massive and super complex problems that requires lots of time and input from the guru’s, we’ll engage UoA’s research and specialist team to assist in solving the problem in a forum outside the hackathon.

This fee of $1,800 is required to cover the cash prizes and event overheads.

To attract the best IoT talent into a competitive environment the most effective carrot is required, and for students that is cash.

3rd and 4th year students from all disciplines across UoA are participating. {eg. Mechatronics, Industrial Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineerig, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, IT+C, Business, Data Science, Aviation and Aeronautics, Robotics, Architcture and Construction...}

The students will be presented with the pool of problems nominated by industry. After reviewing the problem briefs and with the guidance from their lecturers, supervisors and the tech mentors, the students will tee-up with their peers to form teams.

Teams will be made up members that collectively have all necessary skills to address the problem brief.

Teams will typically be made up of 3-6 students.


UoA Student Registration

If you're ready to raise your profile and showcase your problem solving skills, register to participate in UoA's IoT & AR hackathon.

Students from all disciplines are invited. Coding skills are not mandatory.

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